New Construction Upgrades That Add Value 2018

new construction upgrades

Buying a new construction home is exciting. Unlike when you buy a pre-owned home, you get to pick out some of the unique design features for your home. Most builders will offer you a list of Standard Features that come with the base price of your home. They will then offer you a bigger list of upgrades you can add to your home, but these come at a price. So how do you know which upgrades are worth it and which you can hold off on? Check out our list of new construction upgrades that add value to your home.

new construction upgrades

1. Lighting – Don’t underestimate the power of great lighting. The right lighting can help a home to feel bigger and airy. When it comes to resale, homes with great lighting take much better photos and feel bigger to the prospective home buyer. Things such as under counter lighting and french doors, may seem like frivolous upgrades, but they can actually go a long way in your resale value. If you’re debating on whether to upgrade your natural or artificial lighting, go with the upgrade.

Thayer homes Energy Saver

2. Energy Saver– This may seem like a no-brainer but believe it or not it’s one of the biggest upgrades home-buyers pass on. Not only are energy-saving appliances, water-heaters, air-conditioning units and more, all better quality than the standard stuff, but they will save you more money than not upgrading in the long-run. Seriously, an energy saver package is one of the biggest new construction upgrades that add value.

new construction upgrades

3. Flooring – Pick a flooring you are going to be happy with. Flooring is a pain to replace because it requires removing everything out of your home. Wood flooring never goes out of style so if it requires and upgrade to get wood floors, this is an investment worth your money.

new construction upgrades

4. Storage – You never hear anyone say they have too much storage. Adding more cabinets or cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling are upgrades worth making. Soft-close drawers and premium hinges are small upgrades that will improve the longevity of your cabinets. Opting for a bigger pantry or more closet space is also an upgrade worth making.

Many people are reluctant to make upgrades because they don’t take the cost into consideration when buying a new construction home. Not all upgrades are worth making. Paint color, cabinet hardware, and backsplash are some of the upgrades you can skip on because you can easily swap them out later. If you do decide to add upgrades make sure they’re new construction upgrades that add value.

Not all home builders, have the same standard features for their homes. At Thayer Homes, our standard features surpass the features of our competitors. All of our homes come with; a designer lighting package, a energy package, hardwood floors, and soft-close drawers and extensions. These standard features will allow you to make the upgrades you want instead of the upgrades you need. Click here to see all of our standard features.

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